Acropora echinata

Acropora echinata (1) growth form Reefscapers Maldives

Coral Description


Kingdom: Animalia >> Phylum: Cnidaria >> Class: Anthozoa >> Order: Scleractinia >> Family: Acroporidae


  • Branches have bottlebrush appearance (hispidose)
  • Branchlets are delicate and uniform

Colour: Usually cream to white with blue/purple tips. Sometimes entirely blue.

Axial Corallites:

  • Cannot distinguish incipient axial and axial corallites

Radial Corallites:

  • Can be tubular, appressed, indistinct or completely absent

Similar species: Acropora speciosa is has larger corallites and colonies form compact cushions. A. subglabra has less uniform branches with shorter corallites.

Habitat: Protected reefs with good water quality.

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