Welcome to our Marine Discovery Centres at Four Seasons Resorts Maldives

Welcome to Marine Savers

by @ReefscapersMaldives and @FSMaldives

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▶️ Video Tour of our @Marine Savers projects by @Reefscapers and @Four Seasons Maldives

Our team of marine biologists will talk you through our various marine conservations projects at Landaa Giraavaru.
You can watch our 4 minute video in 2 different versions for playing on either phone  (vertical) or laptop (widescreen).

> Welcome: Simon (Centre Manager); Aku (aquaculture expert) explains the fish breeding projects in our Fish Lab.
> Turtles:Katrina (veterinarian), injuries, satellite tagging, ‘Flying Turtles’; lagoon swim, ocean enclosure.
> Corals: Margaux, fragment harvesting, out-planting, guest sponsorship, coral spawning research.
> Dolphin ID Project: Helen studying population dynamics; boat cruise, underwater video.

> BONUS: be sure to catch our Instagram video of turtle patient Ari, going for a rehabilitation swim in the lagoon!

Come and visit Marine Savers at our Marine Discovery Centres

Come and visit us at the Marine Discovery Centre (MDC), to learn about the wonders of the underwater world from our experienced team of international marine biologists (open daily from 09:00 to 18:00).

Discover how to identify the various fish, sharks, turtles and ray species you might encounter whilst snorkelling. Or if you don’t want to get wet, watch a fascinating 3D movie and visit our sea turtle hatchling rehab programme.

The MDC is also home to our coral reef restoration programme where we aim to create new habitats and reduce the pressures on the delicate coral reef ecosystem.

All our excursions are subject to change – please enquire for details.

Exterior of the Marine Discovery Centre at Landaa Giraavaru

Coral Frames

Help save the Maldivian coral reefs and all the amazing sea creatures that live here.

By sponsoring a Reefscapers coral frame you will add to existing reefs and generate new habitats for a large variety of reef fish. One of our marine biologists will teach you about corals and help with the transplanting process on your very own frame.

You can add a custom message or dedication to the frame tag, and you will receive regular photo updates posted to our website as the frame grows and develops.

Coral Frame Reefscapers - Landaa MDC

Coral Restoration & Build-a-Reef

Join a marine biologist and participate in helping to create new areas of coral reef.

All guest participants will help to transplant some specially harvested live coral fragments onto a new frame. You will also learn about the formation and ecology of the coral reefs, and why they are so important in the Maldives and globally.

This is a free activity open for anyone interested in coral reef restoration, and we even have a special session for children as part of our Junior Marine Savers activities.

Coral Frame Reefscapers - Landaa MDC

Guided Snorkel Safari

Join us on a guided excursion around one of the top local snorkel sites (for experienced snorkellers only). Our tours start with a 20 minute briefing and presentation at our Marine Discovery Centre. Here, you will learn about specific ocean ecology, and how to identify the different species of marine animals we are likely to encounter around the islands and atolls of the Maldives.
We will then head out on your chosen safari, which includes:

Shark Safari – a safe opportunity to get up close to some of the most graceful and mis-understood apex predators in the ocean.

Turtle Safari – see these endangered animals swimming in their natural environment on the reefs, and take a photo for our Turtle ID Program. We hope to see both Hawksbill turtles on the reef, and Green turtles in the seagrass meadows.

Night Safari – a unique glimpse into a hidden world, and a totally different experience to daytime snorkelling. Marvel at the underwater nightlife, and see some beautiful natural fluorescence in certain species of corals and fish.

Marine Safari - Turtle with Snorkellers

Dolphin Watching Cruise

Join us for a 90 minute cruise around the islands of the atoll, in search of some of the most fascinating and charismatic oceanic mammals. Starting with a 20 minute presentation at the MDC, participants will learn about marine mammal ecology and how to identify the different species we find here in the Maldives.

Sightings can never be guaranteed, but we have a good track record ! If we are lucky, you might see spinner dolphins leaping from the water, or a mixed pod of juvenile & adult pilot whales gliding gracefully through the waves.

Marine Safari - Turtle with Snorkellers

Turtle Monitoring Dive

Join us on two dives to explore two different Maldivian coral reefs, searching for and photographing as many sea turtles as possible.

Participants will learn how to identify the different species of sea turtles found in the Maldives, and how to take good photographs to be used for our national Turtle ID Programme (clear and close-up shots of the facial scales are needed for a positive ID). Guests photographing a new turtle will have the opportunity to name it (and receive PADI dive certification).

Marine biology internship Maldives [Shona]

Turtle Monitoring and Feeding

The experience starts with a 10 minute presentation about the different species of sea turtles to be found in the Maldives (and globally). We then head out to our sea turtle rehabilitation pools for feeding time!

Once per week, we also give each of our turtles a health checkup, when we weigh, measure and photograph each of our patients in turn.

This is a good opportunity to ask questions and take photos, and learn more about these endangered species from our experienced turtle biologist (and turtle veterinarian).

Chathu marine biology interns Maldives - Feeding Indiana
Turtle recovery pools, Landaa, Maldives

Our sea turtle rehabilitation & recovery pools, Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives

Marine Discovery Centre weekly events – at Kuda Huraa (top) and Landaa Giraavaru

Events and Excursions – photos & video

Our Marine Discovery Centre at Landaa Giraavaru (Maldives) includes a large marine aquarium (4000L), a Fish Lab, turtle rehabilitation pools, and a large Kreisel jellyfish aquarium