Reefscaping at Kuda Huraa

Mature coral frame at the water villas

The beautiful colours of a mature coral frame, close to the water villas at Kuda Huraa


216 frames were monitored this month at Kuda Huraa, and we transplanted a total of 20 new frames, mainly on the northern part of the house reef and at a depth of 2m (see yellow circle on the map below).

We plan to extend our coral reef propagation into deeper waters (red rectangle), thereby doubling the area of our current coral reef propagation project. By transplanting frames to the reef slope where the water temperatures are slightly lower, we hope to increase their resilience to any future coral bleaching events.

Kuda Huraa house reef (west side)

Kuda Huraa house reef (west side) – proposed expansion for coral frames


The coral frames need regular maintenance – the removal of any algae that might be growing on the frames, and the replacement of any coral fragments that might have died off.

Coral frame - growth of green algae

Coral frame – growth of green algae

Coral frame - growth of red algae

Coral frame – growth of red algae

Mature coral frame at the water villas - closeup

Closeup of a mature coral frame

Reefscaping at Landaa Giraavaru

During May we transplanted 32 new coral frames around the island, bringing our total to 2,181 here at Landaa Giraavaru.

189 frames were also monitored this month – photographed, cleaned and maintained. We observed that some of the coral frames at East Beach were becoming buried by movements of the sand across the lagoon, so these were relocated to different areas and re-transplanted with new coral fragments where necessary (for example, LG802). Both old frames (e.g. LG772, pictured below) and more recent ones (e.g. LG1775) are growing well.

LG772 coral frame (2010 - 2014)

LG772 coral frame (2010 – 2014)


Reefscapers Coral Frames Location Map, May 2014

Reefscapers Coral Frames Map, Landaa Giraavaru, May 2014 – all our frames are plotted with GPS co-ordinates