ZaiRescue Turtle

juvenile Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.XXX), admitted 15 December 2023, Malé Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: xx.xkg / xx.xcm (on admittance)

Zaithooni DhonbeZai’ (juvenile Olive Ridley turtle) – found on 15 December, beached on the local island of Hulhumalé, trapped in a very large entanglement of thick plastic rope (that required four people to carry from the beach).

Upon admittance to our Turtle Rescue Centre at Kuda Huraa, he was active, with an ideal body score, but exhibiting:

  • altered buoyancy (central positive), hypoglycaemia, mild dehydration
  • crepitating sound in breathing, abrasions on the carapace and head
  • hind right flipper spontaneously amputated from entanglement
  • hind left flipper with tissue loss; front left flipper with deep ligature

We administered treatments for respiratory affection, wound management, systemic antibiotics, fluids and anti- inflammatories. One week later, Zai became very lethargic, and he sadly died on 24 December. A subsequent necropsy revealed severe problems present in the liver and kidneys.

ZAI turtle ghost net entanglement Maldives
ZAI turtle stranding ghost net Maldives