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Winslow (RB.LO.082) juvenile Olive Ridley Turtle, admitted 04-Feb-16, Baa Atoll Maldives.

Issues: Floating (buoyancy syndrome’) and ingestion of plastic
Treatment: Gel diet with mineral oil to eliminate any remaining foreign material in the digestive tract and ensure no impaction.

Weight / Length: 108g / 8.3cm (arrival); 1.7kg / 20.6cm (Aug-16);  2.49kg / 23.9cm (Feb-17);

Winslow is a post-hatchling Olive Ridley Sea Turtle that was found floating and lethargic by Four Seasons Explorer Kitchen staff on 4 February while cruising in Baa Atoll. The young turtle passed several pieces of white plastic after arrival. Winslow will receive a specialized gel diet to ensure all nutritional needs are met while decreasing the risk of further intestinal impaction.

(15/02/2016) Winslow is a very active young turtle but has had difficulty diving and requires hand feeding. Winslow is eager to eat and has been eating all food offered. Staff are monitoring Winslow’s defecations closely for any additional plastics or other foreign material.

(07/03/2016) Winslow has begun to dive normally and is eating all food offered off the bottom of the pool and no longer needs to be hand fed. Winslow has not passed any additional plastics and has been placed on a normal diet.

(09/05/2016) Winslow remains very active but can sometimes be a very picky eater. Despite this, Winslow continues to grow and gain weight each week.

(29/06/2016) Today Winslow enjoyed a live crab in his tank. At first Winslow was very hesitant and eventually went to check out the crab. Although Winslow did not eat the crab, he was chasing it around the pool and showing great interest.

Winslow rescue turtle Marine Savers Maldives
February 2017

Winslow continues to be a very inquisitive and gentle turtle, enjoying a lot of cleaning sessions from the team and acting like a babysitter to the four new tiny hatchlings he now has as pool mates.
However, it is almost time to say goodbye to Winslow as his release date draws ever closer. Now at 25cm in length and weighing 2.5kg, he has come a long way since his arrival over a year ago! We are very excited for his upcoming release, as the Winslow Family that originally rescued him will be returning to our Centre to help us release him back into the ocean!

23 March 2017

After 409 days of care and rehabilitation, the day finally came for our inquisitive Olive Ridley to be united with the family that once rescued him.
On 23 March, his release was scheduled at One Palm, a suitable exit point for Olive Ridleys to make their large migrations. This was an amazing moment for the team and a very special experience to watch Winslow return to the wild. Once in the water he showed no hesitation, quickly zipping around our marine biologists before shooting off into the deep.
Bon voyage, Winslow!  🙂

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