Vick Rescue Turtle

young juvenile Hawksbill turtle (, admitted 29 February 2024, Maldives

Weight / Length: xx.xkg / xx.xcm (on admittance)

Vick is a young Hawksbill that was found beached in the Hithi Sand Bank during a recreation activity. She arrived lethargic, hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and anemic. During the first assessment, it was noted that she had malformations of the shell and front left flipper, suggestive of entanglement in an early life stage. With this, the body developed around the debris, promoting loss of anatomy. After receiving medical attention, she was a bit more active, occasionally swimming.

VICK turtle rescue & rehab Maldives

March Updates

Vick has been a superstar this month! With antibiotics, vitamins and the correct diet, she has been successfully gaining weight. The turtle has shown increasing energy levels and is always swimming in the tank. Hopefully, she will soon be ready for amputation of the malformed flipper that has impaired functionality and mobility.