Velassaru Rescue Turtle

female Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.123), admitted 14 January 2018, Velassaru, S.Malé Atoll, Maldives


Weight: 22.6kg (upon admission);
Length: 57.8cm (upon admission);

Velassaru was found floating on the ocean surface, entangled in a ghost fishing net, drifting near Velassaru in South Male Atoll.  She was rescued by the dive team of the resort and was sent to us on the 14 January.
This female Olive Ridley turtle has some abrasions on the carapace and flippers, and unfortunately lost one rear flipper due to the entanglement.
Velassaru is taking in some fish at feeding time, and although suffering from ‘buoyancy syndrome’ is attempting to dive down in her recovery pool. She also has a big personality!

Rescued olive ridley turtle 'Velasaaru' Marine Savers Maldives
Rescued olive ridley turtle 'Velasaaru' Marine Savers Maldives

March 2018

Vela is now eating lobsters and sometimes fish. The wounds on her rear stump and front flippers continue to heal nicely. She is in the long shallow pool with Juanita and Beybe. Vela seems to be enjoying the space, is often seen doing laps, and has started to make serious efforts to dive down for food at the bottom of the pool.

April 2018

Vela’s superficial front flipper injuries are healing well. She had been showing little signs of diving, either in her recovery pool or out in the ocean on our regular rehabilitation trips. However, during the first week of April at a regular practice swimming session, she decided that the ocean looked more interesting than her pool! Vela swam some distance, taking us by surprise by diving much deeper than in previous sessions, and kept on swimming out into the big blue. As Vela’s diving ability was the only thing holding her back from being ready for release, we’re confident she will do well back in the wild. Bon Voyage, Vela. We wish you the very safest of travels.