Ummeedhu Rescue Turtle

juvenile Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.097), admitted 13-Jan-17, Kamadhoo, Maldives

‘Ummeedhu’ was found, along with Diver, tangled in the same fishing net, close to Landaa Giraavaru, and luckily rescued by local fishermen from our neighboring island Kamadhoo on 13 January 2017.

Ummeedhu means “hope” in local Dhivehi language, and we are remaining very hopeful for her recovery. She has a very deep laceration to her front right flipper, which is still swollen and immobile, and if it does not improve we may have to consider amputation to prevent further complications.

Ummeedhu is on a course of antibiotics to prevent infection of the wound, and will receive daily wound care. We hope she will make a full recovery and we can return her to the ocean.

In recent weeks, Ummeedhu has been receiving regular wound care to keep her laceration clean and healing well. Despite the swelling, she is starting to use it to push herself around the pool; during feed times we try and encourage her to swim around to use that flipper before offering each piece of fish.

Ummeedhu - sea turtle conservation Maldives Marine Savers
Ummeedhu - with Diver, found in net together sea turtle conservation Maldives Marine Savers
Warning: graphic photos
Ummeedhu - sea turtle conservation Maldives Marine Savers

February 2017
We chose to save Ummeedhu’s RFF (right front flipper), despite the significant injury, as there are large nerves and blood vessels still intact. She receives regular wound care to debride and silverleb the wound. Her flipper remains very swollen, however she is able to use it more and more each week. We encourage her to move it by making her work for her food at meal times.

March 2017
Ummeedhu’s flipper is healing very well, and she is receiving regular wound care to debride and Silverleb the wound. Some bacterial infection was observed on the carapace, and was also treated with Silverleb.
She is very active, gaining a lot of strength and is making great progress in using the wounded flipper more and more.

May 2017
Ummeedhu is looking very strong, active and healthy. She has a huge appetite, and as soon as her front flipper is fully healed, she will be ready for release. She still has signs of infection on the carapace, and is being treated with antibiotic cream.

11 June 2017
Ummeedhu made a complete recovery and has regained her independence, re-learning how to dive and feed herself.
After 149 days of rehabilitation, our juvenile Olive Ridley turtle was ready to return back into the wild, and was successfully released on 11 June 2017. Safe travels, and bon voyage! 🙂
Release length: 51.7cm; Release weight: 17.5kg (a gain of 4kg!)


Slideshow of Ummeedhu’s Release

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Ummeedhu - Rescue Olive Ridley Turtle - release day - Marine Savers Maldives