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Green Turtle Juveniles [#N044] admitted 20 November 2020


CM.161 – Dexter – 6.5cm/50g (admission);
CM.162 – Speedy – 6.6cm/51g (admission);
CM.163 – Wiiss  – 6.8cm/54g (admission);
CM.164 – Taz    – 6.6cm/54g (admission);
CM.165 – Tom    – 6.4cm/44g (admission); deceased 21-April.
CM.166 – Jerry  – 6.5cm/48g (admission); deceased 27-June.
CM.167 – Eddie  – 6.5cm/49g (admission); deceased 27-March.
CM.168 – Lucy   – 6.5cm/48g (admission); deceased 25-March.

These small Green turtles were found on 20 November at a construction site, and sent to our turtle rescue centre for treatment. A total of 55 turtles were found to be healthy and strong, and these were released.
8 of the turtles were admitted for treatments, suffering from bodily deformations and eye infections.

Green turtle hatchlings treatment centre Maldives
Green turtle hatchlings treatment centre Maldives
Green turtle hatchlings treatment centre Maldives

January 2021 updates

Our green juveniles have almost doubled in size since arrival. 7 out of the 8 juveniles continue to suffer from eye infections, so we are continuing treatment and close monitoring.


These little juveniles are growing quickly, and have already more than doubled in size since admission. The 5 individuals with obvious physical deformations do not show any growing delays, but we continue to monitoring closely for infections and medical problems.


Sadly, 2 juveniles were found unresponsive in their pools; Lucy (25 March) and Eddie (27 March).


Sadly, Tom was found unresponsive in his pool on 21 April.


Sadly, Jerry died of an unknown illness on 27 June.


Dexter, Speedy, Wiiss and Taz are healthy and active, and continue to grow at a steady rate. They always look forward to feeding times, and enjoy playing with their enrichment devices (“pool toys”). We look forward to an upcoming ocean release of these little ones.


Our juveniles continue to grow steadily. We are monitoring closely for infections or medical problems, and give a full health checkup each week.

Taz and Speedy (below) photographed on 3rd August, as part of their weekly checkups.

Green turtle juvenile 'Taz' (CM.164) Maldives


Green turtle juvenile 'Speedy' (CM.162) Maldives


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