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Hawksbill Turtle Juveniles [#N020] admitted 21 October 2020


EI.067 – Brandy    – 6.4cm/49g (admission); 01-May deceased.
EI.068 – Margarita – 6.5cm/48g (admission); xx-Jul deceased.
EI.069 – Ron       – 6.4cm/47g (admission); xx-Jul deceased.
EI.070 – Wally     – 6.3cm/43g (admission); 20-Feb deceased
EI.071 – Mummu     – 6.4cm/48g (admission); 01-Dec released.
EI.072 – Panda     – 6.5cm/49g (admission); 23-Mar deceased.
EI.073 – Inguz     – 6.4cm/49g (admission); 01-Dec released.

These small turtles were found on 21 October 2020, lost in the island vegetation. They were admitted to our turtle rescue centre and found to be weak, disoriented and dehydrated.

They are currently under treatment and close observation, and once they are healthy and strong we will be releasing them into the ocean.

Hawksbill turtle hatchlings stranded Maldives

January 2021 Updates

All the Hawksbill juveniles continue to grow. 6 of our 14 Hawksbills have acquired an eye infection; we have isolated these, and started treating with antibiotics. We will continue to closely monitor their progress.

Wally suffered from a severe skin and carapace infection and was separated from his siblings for 2 weeks. He now seems to have recovered, and has now rejoined his siblings.


Sadly, Wally was found unresponsive in his pool on 20 February. We suspect a gall bladder infection.

The other juveniles are healthy and active, and have started to dive down for food … and become very competitive! 


Panda was found unresponsive on 10 March, and likely died from infection.


Our juveniles are diving down in their pool for food morsels. They are very active, and have been separated into 2 different pools to avoid competition and aggression during feeding.


Sadly, Brandy was found unresponsive on 1 May. Mummu and Inguz are being treated for eye infections.


Margarita is the smallest of the group, so we were keeping a close eye on her feeding. Sadly, she died this month.
Ron started losing weight, so we administered antibiotics and tube-feeding. Sadly he died this month.
Mummu and Inguz are healthy and active, and continue to grow.


Mummu and Inguz are being treated for eye infections.


Inguz juvenile Hawksbill turtle Maldives

Inguz photographed in his pool at Kuda Huraa, November 2021

1 December 2021 … release day !

From today’s boat excursion, we successfully released Inguz and Mummu into the ocean, after 13 months of care and rearing at our turtle rescue centre (Kuda Huraa, Maldives).
Wishing these 2 juvenile Hawksbills a long and happy life! We hope to spot them again on snorkel trips in the future, swimming around Makunudhoo reef. 💙

Mummu - Hawksbill turtle rescue rehabilitation release Maldives

Mummu released from a boat trip at a nearby reef

Inguz - Hawksbill turtle rescue rehabilitation release Maldives

Inguz lowered into the water

Inguz - Hawksbill turtle care and rehabilitation release Maldives

Inguz swims down to graze on the reef 💚