Jetty Hatchlings Rescue Turtle

Hawksbill Turtle Hatchlings, nest #N019, admitted 19 October 2020


EI.060 – Kraken   – 6.5cm/47g (admission);
EI.061 – Pipa     – 6.0cm/42g (admission);
EI.062 – Darbouts – 6.5cm/56g (admission);
EI.063 – Mikku    – 6.6cm/54g (admission);
EI.064 – Srinath  – 6.7cm/56g (admission);
EI.065 – Jaga     – 6.6cm/51g (admission);
EI.066 – Safi     – 6.4cm/47g (admission);

These small Hawksbill turtle hatchlings were found near an island boat jetty, lethargic and unable to swim away. They were admitted to our Turtle Rescue Centre for assessment; they presented various infections and showed signs of predation (from crabs/birds).

They are currently under treatment and close observation, and once they are healthy and strong we will be releasing them into the ocean.

Hawksbill turtle hatchlings stranded Maldives
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