Stevie Rescue Turtle

adult female Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.127), admitted 8 February 2018, Six Senses, Laamu Atoll, Maldives


Weight: 25.6kg (upon admission);
Length: 62.0cm (upon admission);

This large female Olive Ridley turtle was found near the coast at Six Senses Laamu (Laamu Atoll), and was sent to us on 8 February.
‘Big’ Stevie only suffered from superficial injuries, and is otherwise strong and very active. She started to dive on the second day at our centre, and enjoys eating crabs. We hope we can release her in the upcoming weeks.

Rescued olive ridley turtle 'STEVIE' Marine Savers Maldives
Rescued olive ridley turtle 'STEVIE' Marine Savers Maldives

20 April 2018 – Release Day 🙂

Once the satellite GPS data starts coming in, we hope to track Stevie’s journey out in the ocean here on our interactive map.

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Stevie rescue Olive Ridley turtle Marine Savers Maldives
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Stevie rescue Olive Ridley turtle Marine Savers Maldives