Sidney Rescue Turtle

juvenile Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.102), admitted 21-Feb-17, Anantara, Maldives


A small (35cm) juvenile Olive Ridley, initially nicknamed “Hulk” because of the green algae that covered her body on arrival, now named “Sidney”. Thank you to the team at Anantara for their hard work to save our new patient!

Sidney was found entangled in a ghost fishing net which has caused severe lacerations to both of her front flippers, the worst of which may need a complete amputation. Since her arrival, she has been treated to a deep clean and wound-care to help recovery. Sidney will be receiving daily wound care for her amputation as well as calcium and sunbathing sessions to help strengthen her weak shell.

Update 25 February 2017
With her friendly and inquisitive nature, Sidney quickly became a firm favourite with staff and guests alike. She quickly got used to the presence of our team, and started to respond to being hand-fed small pieces of food.
Unfortunately we were not able to save her front left flipper so, with the help of our onsite doctor, we did a full amputation of the limb. We had hoped that removal of this unused and uncomfortable appendage would allow her to gain more confidence in the recovery pool. However, the stress of surgery can sometimes be too much, and we are very sad to say that Sidney passed away whilst in recovery, on the evening of 25 February 2017.

Lynn Internship Marine Savers Maldives

Lynn treating turtle rescue patient, Sidney

Lynn Internship Marine Savers Maldives
Lynn Internship Marine Savers Maldives