Raai Rescue Turtle

male Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.223), admitted 7 June 2021, Kuramathi, N.Ari Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: 23.8kg / 59.7cm (on admittance);


Raai is a fully grown male Olive Ridley turtle, found badly entangled in a ghost net (discarded fishing gear) by members of the Eco-Centre at Kuramathi (North Ari Atoll, Maldives). After cutting him free they attempted to release him, but he was unable to dive.

He arrived at our turtle rescue centre at Landaa Giraavaru missing part of his right front flipper, and with several lacerations where the fishing net had been cutting into his skin and carapace.

Raai is on a course of antibiotics to prevent infection, and he will soon undergo a small surgical procedure to fix the tip of his flipper. After hydration therapy, he’s already looking much healthier, and is swimming energetically up and down his tank, eating and attempting to dive.

All of Raai’s wounds are healing perfectly; once he completes a course of antibiotics we will transfer him to our large ocean enclosure to encourage diving and increase his strength. We are hoping for a speedy recovery so he can return soon to the big blue.

RAAI stranded male Olive Ridley turtle rescued Maldives
RAAI stranded male Olive Ridley turtle rescued Maldives
RAAI stranded male Olive Ridley turtle rescued Maldives
RAAI stranded male Olive Ridley turtle rescued Maldives


Raai completed his course of antibiotics and all of his wounds have healed appropriately. On 25 July, he was transferred to our ocean enclosure out in the lagoon at Landaa, to complete his rehabilitation process. He’s already diving below the surface and staying underwater without much effort. We are hopeful that soon he will be diving to the bottom and resting there, so he can be released back into the ocean.

14 August … release day !

Raai spent three weeks in our ocean enclosure, where he regained his ability to dive and rest comfortably on the bottom netting … meaning he is ready for release!
A little over 2 months after his arrival at our Centre, he was released from the beach and waved on his way by an enthusiastic group of guests and staff.
Raai was fitted with a satellite tracker, so we can follow his journey in the open ocean to learn more about Olive Ridley sea turtles – see the interactive map below (ignore the Indonesia data point!) and be sure to visit our Turtle Tracking page for more historical details.

Raai male Olive Ridley turtle with satellite tag Maldives
Raai Olive Ridley sea turtle with satellite tagging Maldives
Raai male Olive Ridley turtle released with satellite tag Maldives