Post-hatchling Pets Rescue Turtle

admitted May 2024, Malé Atoll, Maldives

Slim is a post-hatchling that was kept as a pet for approximately 2 months after being retrieved from the nest alongside two other hatchlings. The turtle has the best overall body, the biggest carapace measurements, and is the most active compared to the others. He has shown a great diving ability and appetite.

Honey was also being kept as a pet. She can be picky about eating, which is not ideal since she has a skinny body score but has shown a preference for prawns. The turtle is the second biggest of the three but is half Slim’s weight! Honey has been active in the tank and her diving abilities have improved since the day of arrival.

Lou is the smallest and lightest out of the three post-hatchlings. She was extremely lethargic for the first few hours, but her activity  then increased as the days passed. The turtle has shown a good appetite but has yet to improve her diving skills. Thick mucous was observed coming out of the left nostril suggesting respiratory tract disease. The treatment protocol established was nebulization with Amikacin and ozone oil.

SLIM post-hatchling rescue pet turtle


HONEY post-hatchling rescue pet turtle


LOU post-hatchling rescue pet turtle