NoonuRescue Turtle

adult female Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.239), admitted 23 April 2023, S.Malé Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: 24.0kg / 53.7cm (on admittance)

Noonu Olive Ridley sea turtle stranded Maldives (11) profile
On 23 April 2023, we admitted turtle patient Noonu, kindly sent by her rescuer Nunu, from Ozen Life Maadhoo (South Malé Atoll). She had been found washed up on the beach, entangled in a large mass of ghost netting that had likely drifted hundreds of kilometres from Indian waters.

Noonu arrived at Kuda Huraa’s turtle rescue centre exhibiting a deep laceration to her neck from prolonged entanglement, and severe injuries to three flippers (with exposed bone). She has started a course of Monocef antibiotics, and is receiving regular debriding and cleaning of her wounds. The lacerations are very deep, so surgery might be required to remove one rear flipper.

Noonu is a healthy weight (24kg) for her size (53.7 cm straight carapace length) and started eating immediately (prawns are a favourite!) She’s not showing any signs of stress and enjoys interacting with guests in her glass-fronted tank. We are closely monitoring her wound-healing progress.

Despite her injuries, Noonu has high energy levels and lots of curiosity, and is sitting quite low in the water (so no problems with buoyancy).

Noonu Olive Ridley sea turtle stranded Maldives (12) tank
Noonu Olive Ridley sea turtle stranded Maldives (13) health