W Resort Hatchlings Rescue Turtle

Green Turtle Hatchlings, nest #N040, admitted 06 November 2018, W Resort, North Ari Atoll, Maldives

CM.151 – Guacamole – 34g/5.5cm; 87g/7.6cm (Dec); deceased.
CM.152 – Burrito   – 38g/5.6cm; 97g/7.8cm (Dec); deceased.
CM.153 – Nacho     – 33g/5.4cm; 83g/7.4cm (Dec); deceased.
CM.154 – Fajita    – 31g/5.2cm; 80g/7.2cm (Dec); deceased.

These green turtle hatchlings were sent to us from W Resort (Fesdu Island, North Ari Atoll) on 6 November 2018. They had been found left behind, after their siblings had successfully made it down the beach into the ocean.

On arrival at our Centre, the hatchlings were found to have skin infections and mild body deformations, and are being treated by our turtle biologist. Sadly, one hatchling died shortly after arrival.

Green turtle hatchlings (N039) Dusit Thani Maldives

Updates May 2019

All the siblings are healthy, growing quickly and getting more confident in diving for food. They take naps together and spend the day exploring the pool.


Sadly, Guacamole died in his pool on 9 October, after several days of ill-health. The subsequent necropsy revealed a liver infection.


On 5 November, Nacho was sadly found unresponsive in his pool (necropsy showed water in the intestine and enlarged gall bladder.)

On 7 November, Burrito was found unresponsive (necropsy showed infection in organs).

February 2020

Sadly, Fajita died on 4 February, the last surviving member of the ‘Mexican family’.
She had developed an ear infection, and the subsequent autopsy revealed some deformation of the body organs.

Fajita Green turtle hatchling Maldives

Fajita, November 2019

Green turtle hatchlings (N039) Dusit Thani Maldives