Dusit Thani Hatchlings Rescue Turtle

Green Turtle Hatchlings, nest #N039, hatched 03 October 2018, Dusit Thani, Baa Atoll, Maldives


CM.147 – Pluto  – 21g/4.2cm; deceased.
CM.148 – Goofy  – 20g/4.3cm; deceased.
CM.149 – Mickey – 20g/4.5cm; deceased.
CM.150 – Minnie – 21g/4.4cm; 73g/7.4cm (Dec); deceased.

This green turtle nest hatched on 3 October at Dusit Thani in Baa Atoll (thanks to the Dusit Thani staff for their kind help and cooperation.). There were 108 hatchlings in total, about half of which made their way into the lagoon. The other 65 hatchlings seemed disoriented (maybe due to artificial lighting) so these were collected up for release at the beach.

Four of these hatchlings were seen to be tired and weak, so they were sent to us at Kuda Huraa for rehabilitation. Once they are healthy and strong we will release them back into the wild!

Update 20 October
Our young Green turtle hatchlings are getting stronger and more confident in exploring their pool surroundings. They love seagrass and jellyfish, and who doesn’t enjoy the occasional lobster! They will be upgraded to a larger pool soon, to practise diving deeper.

Green turtle hatchlings (N039) Dusit Thani Maldives
Green turtle hatchlings (N039) Dusit Thani Maldives

Update November

At the end of November, Pluto and Goofy sadly died. Subsequent necropsy results revealed infection and a difference in size in both lungs.

Mickey and Minnie are active, but we have started them on a course of precautionary antibiotics.

Update 8 December

Sadly, Mickey died today. Minnie continues to be active and is eating well, but is fighting infection.

Update 4 February 2019

Sadly, the final surviving hatchling from this nest, Minnie, died this morning. She never recovered from her long-term infection.

Green turtle hatchlings (N039) Dusit Thani Maldives