Nadiya Rescue Turtle

female Hawksbill turtle (RB.EI.035), admitted 11 November 2019, Lux Resort, Ari Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: 16.2kg / 55.6cm (on admission);


​This female Hawksbill turtle was found floating near Lux Resort (Ari Atoll), unable to dive.

Nadiya presents a mass on her right cheek; she is currently on antibiotics and under close observation.

We hope she can soon be released back into the wild.

Nadiya rescue stranded Hawksbill turtle Maldives

December updates

Nadiya - rescue Hawksbill turtle Marine Savers Maldives
Hawskbill turtle carapaces shade & colour [Purp-Cookie-KG-Nadiya]

Our Hawksbill turtle patients – different carapace patterns and colours [Purp CookieKGNadiya]

Updates 20 January 2020

Sadly Nadiya was found unresponsive in her pool this morning. Upon necropsy, we found two fishing hooks stuck in her throat, and a suspected head trauma is likely to have caused neurological problems.