Nadia#2Rescue Turtle

juvenile Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.249), admitted 3 January 2024, South Ari Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: 16.0kg / 53.4cm (on admittance)

Nadia was found on 3 January, beached on the local island of Dhangethi (S. Ari Atoll). Sadly, she already had three flippers amputated by entanglement in ghost nets.

On admittance to our turtle rescue centre, was can see that her left side was already healed, and the right side has fresh wounds, indicating she had been twice entangled in ghost netting. The wounds are healing well and she has shown quite an appetite. Unfortunately, with only a single flipper remaining (back left), she would not be able to survive in the wild and is deemed ‘unreleasable’.

NADIA stranded turtle transport Maldives

Late January Updates

We have been administering fluids, antibiotics, and wound management. In a few days, she started swimming, eating, and passing plastic debris in her feces. Once her overall state is more stable, Nadia will be transferred to our turtle rescue centre at Landaa Giraavaru, with more space and larger pools.

February Updates

Nadia showed great improvements including being active in the tank, not passing more plastic, eating well, and her wound healing nicely. As planned, she was transferred to Landaa Giraavaru on 1 February, where she will have more space at our Turtle Rehabilitation facility.
At Landaa, Nadia has settled in well and is able to move around her tank, albeit very slowly. She has shown a good appetite, eating both fish and prawns, and her injuries are healing well.

Nadia joins Frisbee as an unreleasable patient and will be prioritised for international transfer as part of our Flying Turtles program, should a suitable home become available.

NADIA rescue turtle Maldives
NADIA turtle wounds healing (Maldives)


Nadia has continued to do well, diving and resting on the bottom of her pool, but still spends the majority of her time at the surface. Her injuries have continued to heal without issue and she continues to have a very healthy appetite.