Mariyam Rescue Turtle

adult female Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.246), admitted 24 December 2023, Vaavu Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: 21.5kg / 58.1cm (on admittance)

Mariyam (adult female Olive Ridley) – found on 24 December close to Cinnamon Velifushi Resort (Vaavu Atoll). She was floating in the channel with healed wounds (possible boat strike incident).

On admission to our Turtle Rescue Centre, she was found to be active, with an ideal body score, but mild dehydration. She also exhibits altered buoyancy (central positive) with 80% of the carapace out of the water.
Once her condition is stable and she has settled in, we will use carapace weights to encourage her to dive and improve buoyancy.

MARI rescue Olive Ridley turtle Maldives
MARIYAM rescue Olive Ridley turtle Maldives

Updates January 2024

Sadly, Mariyam hasn’t made much progress since last month. She is still extremely buoyant and accepts shrimp only every once in a while.

We have started a treatment plan that includes removal of air from the coelomic cavity, along with target weight therapy. The boat strike wounds were completely healed, indicating she has been buoyant for a long period. She is therefore considered chronic (> 4 weeks), with probable conformation and damage to the lungs. Sadly, cases like rarely recover, and she is unlikely to regain her full diving abilities.