Landaa Giraavaru Hatchlings Rescue Turtle

Green Turtle Hatchlings, CM.N036-7, hatched 02-03 April 2018, Landaa Giraavaru, Baa Atoll, Maldives


CM.N036.132 Fussy     – 22g/5.1cm283g/12.7cm (Oct); 322g/13.3cm (Dec); released.
CM.N037.134 Toothless – 21g/4.6cm; 290g/11.6cm (Oct); 286g/11.8cm (Dec); released.
CM.N037.135 Wizz      – 21g/4.6cm; 183g/10.7cm (Oct); 152g/10.8cm (Dec); deceased.
CM.N037.136 Fizz      – 20g/4.4cm; 254g/12.0cm (Oct); 274g/12.7cm (Dec); deceased.
CM.N037.137 Coco      – 20g/4.6cm; 280g/11.7cm (Oct); 319g/12.6cm (Dec); deceased.

From one of our nests in Landaa Giraavaru , these little Green Turtle hatchlings took longer than their nest siblings to hatch – they were weak and disoriented, and had been left behind in the sand.

They will spend some time at our Kuda Huraa turtle centre, growing and getting stronger before being released into the wild.

Green Turtle hatchlings Head Start Landaa (Apr) Marine Savers Maldives
Green Turtle hatchlings Head Start Landaa (Apr) Marine Savers Maldives

Updates July 2018

Our hatchlings are gaining weight at a fast rate and are more active than ever! They spend their days eating (seagrass and their favourite, lobster), playing with enrichment toys in the pool and taking an occasional nap during the day.

Updates October 2018

The hatchlings have recovered from a recent eye infection, and are now healthy and growing fast. They are getting familiar with their new larger/deeper pool, enjoying swimming around each other and playing with their ‘enrichment toys’.

Turtle hatchling growth rates (weight) [CM132-7]

Turtle hatchling growth rates over time (weight in grammes)

Green turtle hatchlings hand reared Maldives N038 (0207)
Green turtle hatchlings hand reared Maldives N037 (0170)
Green turtle hatchlings hand reared Maldives N037 (0172)

Update February 2019

During January, Wizz started to rapidly lose weight, and sadly died on 9 February. Necropsy showed infection on his organs.

Update April 2019

Sadly, Fizz died on 20 April of a severe infection. The remaining 3 siblings – Fussy, Toothless, Coco – are healthy, active and growing well.

Fussy has been growing fast and is a confident diver, swimming quickly and easily down for his food at the bottom of the pool. He did go through a period of not eating, and started to lose some weight, but he has recovered now.

Toothless is growing well, and so is Coco, despite a shell deformity.

Updates June 2019

Sadly, Coco was found unresponsive in his pool on the morning of 11 June. The necropsy was inconclusive, but appeared to show organ failure, perhaps due to deformity.

Toothless was successfully released into the ocean on 16 June, to mark World Sea Turtle Day.

Green turtle hatchlings hand reared Maldives N037 (0172)

16-June was release day for Toothless !

November 2019

Fussy continues to gain weight.

Fussy green turtle hatchling Maldives

8 January 2020 … Release Day for Fussy!