KG Rescue Turtle

female Hawksbill turtle (RB.EI.034), admitted 10 August 2019, Kuda Huraa, N.Malé Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: 14.0kg / 51.2cm (on admission);


​This female Hawksbill turtle was rescued from the channel area, right here at Kuda Huraa. We received a call that some of our guests had spotted an injured turtle close to the resort. Our team members discovered she had lacerations and an infected front flipper, so we brought her to our Centre for a full health assessment and follow-up treatment.

KG is currently on antibiotics and is under close observation. As soon as she is healed, we will release her back into the ocean.

Moxa rescue sea turtle Marine Savers Maldives (3) [960px]
Moxa rescue sea turtle Marine Savers Maldives (3) [960px]
Moxa rescue sea turtle Marine Savers Maldives (3) [960px]
Moxa rescue sea turtle Marine Savers Maldives (3) [960px]

4 September 2019 updates

KG has been sent to the Olive Ridley Project for specialised veterinary care. The wound through her left flipper is believed to be from a spear gun (illegal turtle poaching still occurs, maybe for food or for their decorative carapace). This has caused infection but luckily the bone and nerves were not damaged.

On 6 September, all the dead tissue was removed and now the long healing process begins, with daily dressing changes, antibiotics and pain relief. She may require follow up surgery for further debridement of the wounds.

KG is a very shy turtle and has only just started eating crabs after being fed at night.

1 December

KG is back ! Thanks to the ORP and everyone involved in caring for her, and arranging the VIP resort transfers. We hope to release her very soon, where she was found, at the Channel here at Kuda Huraa.

KG - rescue Hawksbill turtle Marine Savers Maldives
Hawskbill turtle carapaces shade & colour [Purp-Cookie-KG-Nadiya]

Our Hawksbill turtle patients – different carapace patterns and colours [Purp CookieKGNadiya]

21 December – Release Day!

KG - releasing stranded Hawksbill turtle Maldives
KG - releasing stranded Hawksbill turtle Maldives

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