KerryRescue Turtle

Kerry (RB.LO.052) admitted 14-Sep-14, from Taj Exotica (S.Malé Atoll)

Kerry was found floating on the surface in Emboodhoo Finolhu lagoon by a marine biologist from Taj Exotica, South Male Atoll. She was covered in algae and barnacles, suggesting that she had been floating for a long time. Kerry is missing part of her back right flipper; this could be due to previous entanglement in fishing net, shark attack or an injury sustained when she was just a hatchling.

Kerry also suffers from positive buoyancy, preventing her from diving normally. Upon admission, Kerry floated with a list to the right but after using a weight belt to provide a counter-balance in March 2015, Kerry has since been swimming balanced and the turtle’s overall activity also improved.

The front left flipper was broken or dislocated at one point during the turtle’s life which most likely caused pain or discomfort as Kerry used this flipper much less than her right. After the use of the weight belt and increased activity, Kerry has been observed using both flippers since September 2015. Whenever possible, Kerry is given a large pool to herself which further encourages the use of the left front flipper.

Kerry receives a varied diet of fish, lobster and squid but we limit the amount of shell and bones in her diet to make digestion easier. Kerry is very engaged and active during feeding and will eagerly chase food around the pool which provides her with stimulation and exercise.

Name Kerry
SpeciesOlive Ridley turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea)
Date of Admittance14 September 2014
LocationTaj Exotica, South Malé Atoll, Maldives
IssuesPartial amputation of back right flipper; positive buoyancy
DietFish, squid and lobster
Treatment Multivitamin and calcium supplements
Length65.5cm SCL
Weight28kg (arrival) 37kg (Nov-15)
Olive Ridley Turtle rescued - Kerry

The Flying Turtles

On 9 August 2016 our marine biology team proudly launched its newest Turtle Rehabilitation Programme, “The Flying Turtles”.

Four Olive Ridley turtles – KerryZahiyaLa Petite and Peggy – made Maldivian and European history as they travelled by plane from Four Seasons Resort Landaa Giraavaru in the Maldives to begin a new life in Europe.

This is the first time that live sea turtles have been flown overseas from the Maldives for conservation and research purposes, and we think they are the only Olive Ridley species actually living in Europe.

Our Flying Turtles : From Maldives to Europe - enjoy our indepth report, photos and videos.