Kekoa Rescue Turtle

(RB.LO.073) Female Olive Ridley turtle, found 18 July 2015, Rihiveli (South Male Atoll), Maldives


Turtle name: Kekoa

Admission date: 18/07/2015

Location: Rihiveli, South Male Atoll, Maldives

Admission note: Kekoa, a female Olive Ridley turtle, arrived at Kuda Huraa in a critical condition, with a broken and actively bleeding front flipper and abrasions on her right front flipper as well as carapace. She had a straight carapace length of 53.1 cm and weighed 23.6 kg.

Updates: 19/07/2015 – Left front flipper amputation; 20/07/2015 – Died