Kan’buloRescue Turtle

adult female Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.xxx), admitted 16 May 2024, Maaminagau, Raa Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: xxkg / xxcm (on admittance)

KANBULO injured sea turtle GHOST NET (InterContinental)
On 16 May, we received a call from InterContinental Resort by Maaminagau (Raa Atoll). A large (32kg) adult female Olive Ridley turtle had been found washed ashore, entangled in a large ghost net. The turtle, named Kan’bulo by her rescuers, was rushed to Landaa for treatment.

Kan’bulo had been entangled via her front left flipper, and presented with a deep laceration injury in addition to severe swelling of the limb. She also had minor, semi-healed abrasion injuries to both rear flippers and carapace, in addition to a small amount of algal growth on both her head and carapace. She was immediately started on a course of Monocef Ceftriaxone antibiotics, and placed into a covered , shallow freshwater bath to encourage rehydration and to allow recovery from the stress of transportation.

After transfer to a saltwater tank, it was observed that Kan’bulo only has a very mild case of buoyancy syndrome, and she was attempted  to dive within 3 days. Use of her front left flipper was extremely limited, and together with the significant swelling present, obvious infection and sloughing of dead tissue, it was decided that her flipper was not salvageable.

On 27 May, we performed an operation to amputate the flipper. Thanks to the expertise of Dr Kat (our resident vet) the operation was successful, and Kan’bulo is now recovering well. Although her appetite is still low, she is active and attempting to dive. It is estimated that the wound will take several months to heal fully, but we are confident that Kan’bulo will make a full recovery.