Kaidha Rescue Turtle

juvenile Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.114), admitted 22 June 2017, JA Manufaru, Haa Aliff Atoll, Maldives


Weight: 23kg (upon admission);
Length: 59cm (upon admission);

Kaidha was found by researchers from the ‘Olive Ridley Project’ in the rural outskirts of Haa Aliff Atoll in the north of the Maldives. She was unfortunately entangled in a large fishing net, which had caused lacerations to both hind flippers, a complete amputation of her front left flipper, along with significant superficial damage across her neck and throat.

Thanks to the team at JA Manufaru Resort and the ORP, this gorgeous female was transferred to Malé via seaplane, to reach our Kuda Huraa rescue centre. Although her wounds looked extensive, we had hoped her recovery would simply require a lot of wound care. Unfortunately, to compound these injuries, we quickly learnt that Kaidha was suffering from an aggressive bacterial infection that was doing serious damage to her only remaining front flipper. As a result, Kaidha has had to undergo several surgical procedures to ensure the infection didn’t spread.

In recent days, we have been happy to see that the course of antibiotics she is on seems to be working, and she is now looking more alert in the pool. We hope that Kaidha will continue to make positive steps towards recovery, and will be released when her wounds have healed and she is able to dive once again.

Kaidha - rescue turtle - Marine Savers Maldives
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Kaidha - rescue turtle - Marine Savers Maldives
Kaidha - rescue turtle - Marine Savers Maldives
Kaidha - rescue turtle - Marine Savers Maldives

July 2017

Kaidha was re-housed at our larger dedicated turtle rescue centre at Landaa Giraavaru on 22 July.

Sadly, Kaidha died on 30 July for unknown reasons. Claire from the Olive Ridley Project was able to perform a necropsy on 18 August; the turtle had an empty stomach with little body fat, and may have died from an infection.

Kaidha - rescue turtle - Marine Savers Maldives

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