Humpty Rescue Turtle

(RB.LO.093), juvenile Olive Ridley turtle, admitted 04-Jan-17, Gili Lankanfushi, North Male, Maldives


Humpty was found entangled in a ghost net with an amputated right front flipper and emaciated.
Humpty arrived in critical condition and in advanced staged of emaciation. The turtle’s plastron bones were protruding and very little muscle tone was noted. The amputation site was clean and required light wound care.

Humpty was active in the water and very eager to eat from the first offering. However, after 18 days’ of care the turtle started showing signs of distress and suddenly passed away.

Rescue turtle Humpty RB.LO.093 Fluids 170104
rescue Turtle Humpty 170107 RB.LO.093 Pool
Rescue Turtle Humpty 170107 RB.LO.093 Treatments (2)