HuaRescue Turtle

Hua (RB.CM.006) post-hatchling Green Turtle, an ex-pet admitted 26-Jul-15

Hua had been kept as a pet, and arrived at our Centre suffering from a mild skin and eye infection. This infection soon cleared up after treatment, and the turtle is healthy and already starting to grow.

Hua will remain at our Centre until up to 30cm in length (SCL, straight carapace length) and then be released into the wild as part of our Turtle Head Start Programme.

Hua is very active and healthy, and continues to grow.

March 2016: Hua spends a large portion of time resting at the surface, which could be a result of being kept previously as a pet. EEDs (toys) are added regularly to the pool to encourage activity and spending more time at the bottom.

April 2016: Hua has been spending more time resting within the crate and is often seen actively foraging for food at the bottom of the pool – a natural behaviour, and an indicator of good health.

Hua was successfully released on 8 June 2016 to celebrate World Oceans Day.

Hua the green sea turtle arrived on 26 July 2015 as a post-hatchling suffering from a severe skin infection, eye infection and calcium deficiency due to being kept as a pet in poor conditions. Hua was treated with topical antibacterial and antifungal ointments in addition to getting baths in anti-dandruff shampoo which contains ketoconazole, an antifungal medication, to manage the skin and carapace infection.

After overcoming the various infections, Hua became very active and gained an excellent appetite. Hua had a calm yet playful personality with the younger turtles and was always eager for a good shell scratch.

After a total of 316 days in our care, Hua was released back into the ocean close to One Palm island (N.Malé atoll), where she swam off quickly and strongly toward the reef. We hope to bump into Hua again, swimming around the reefs nearby.

Rescue turtle 'Hua' Marine Savers Maldives