HameedhaRescue Turtle

adult male Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.240), admitted 18 December 2023, Baa Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: 26.0kg / 59.5cm (on admittance)

Hameedha (adult male Olive Ridley turtle) – admitted on 18 December, discovered floating and unable to dive by our Resort colleagues in Launch Section, travelling between Voavah and Landaa. On initial assessment, he showed no major injuries, with some carapace damage to lateral scutes, damage to right-side marginal scutes, and a 3cm healing wound on his neck. He also had a barnacle on his plastron and some algal growth on his carapace, and appeared mildly dehydrated.

After resting overnight in dry dock, Hameedha was placed into our white tank where he promptly attempted to dive repeatedly but without success. His buoyancy syndrome is severe, with approximately 80% of his carapace above water (more elevated caudally than cranially, and laterally equal). His carapace wound is showing signs of infection and attempted healing; dead tissue was debrided, including a loose fragment of bone.

Hameedha has been started on a course of antibiotics that will allow his immune system to fight the infection. The cause of buoyancy is perhaps due to the carapace wound, and he is under close observation. He has not yet shown much appetite, refusing most foods apart from a few prawns.