Ethan Rescue Turtle

Hawksbill Turtle Hatchling, EI.N010.042, admitted 14 September 2017, Finolhu, Maldives


Weight / Length – 14g / 4.1cm (Sept-17); 143g / 9.1cm (December); 504g / 14.9cm (Mar-18); 1.7kg / 24.0cm (Oct);  

Ethan was found in the watersports area at Finolhu Island; being too small and tired, he was brought to us on 14 September. Ethan spends his days playing around; he is already diving for his food and of course taking naps after eating.

Ethan is growing so fast and already developing a personality – he loves to sleep after every meal, and enjoys his time swimming with Tina and the green hatchlings.

December 2017
Ethan is diving after his food, gaining weight every week, and sharing the pool with Quasi.

Head start turtle hatchling Ethan [EI.042] Marine Savers Maldives (1)
March 2018
Ethan is getting so big, he is eating, resting at the bottom and having naps next to Trooper. This not so little hatchling has a great personality and likes his space when he is swimming at the surface of the pool.
Ethan sea turtle centre Marine Savers Maldives
Ethan sea turtle centre Marine Savers Maldives
June 2018
ethan, pinecone, Flipsy turtle rehabilitation Marine Savers Maldives

Ethan — Pine Cone — Flipsy (30 June 2018)

October 2018

Ethan continues to grow, and enjoys swimming and playing around the pool. He is almost at his target weight for release into the wild.

Ethan – Hawksbill turtle Marine Savers Maldives (4)


30 January 2019 … release day!

After rearing Ethan at our Centre for a total of 504 days, he was successfully released on 30 January at Club Med reef. He soon realised there were no walls to hold him back, and swiftly swam away into the deep blue. Bon voyage, Ethan. 🙂