DotRescue Turtle

Dot (RB.CM.024) juvenile Green Turtle, admitted 03-Dec-15

Length: 4.9cm (arrival) 29.0 (16/08/2016)
Weight: 21g (arrival) 3464g (16/08/2016)

Admission Note: Dot & Dash were brought to Kuda Huraa after being given away on a Safari Boat to tourists along with 70 other hatchlings. Dot & Dash were just a few days old upon arrival with their yolk sac still outside their body and the egg tooth visible on their beak. Both will remain in our care until a Straight Carapace Length (SCL) of 30cm is reached.

Update (07/01/2016) Dot tried his first jellyfish today and eagerly ate all offered!

Update (18/03/2016) Dot has developed a minor eye infection and will remain in isolation with daily eye treatments until the infection has cleared. Dot remains active and is eating all food offered.

Update (29/03/2016) Dot has a clean bill of health and treatments have been discontinued.

Update (10/05/2016) Dot has reached the weight of 1kg and 18.9cm! Dot is well on his way to becoming a juvenile turtle and will be released by the years end.

Update (16/08/2016) Dot is now 29cm and 3.4kg, nearly ready for release! Dot is very active and spends most of the day resting on the bottom of his pool within the rocks or inside the basket.

Update (31/10/2016): On 31 October 2016, Dot was successfully released into the ocean at Velaa Faru, North Male Atoll, Maldives. 

Rescue green turtle 'Dot'