Donatelo Rescue Turtle

female Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.203), admitted 3 March 2020, Manafaru, Raa Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: 12.8kg / 51.1cm (on admission);


Donatelo, a female Olive Ridley, was found floating on the ocean surface by the dive centre at JA Manafaru (Raa Atoll). On admittance to our turtle rescue centre at Landaa Giraavaru (Baa Atoll), she was found to be suffering from turtle buoyancy syndrome (unable to dive down below the water surface).

Donatelo has damage to the head and deep cuts in the carapace (shell), indicating that she was likely involved in a collision with a boat. As a result of this accident, she has air trapped inside of the body cavity and potential internal damage.

Donatelo was cleaned, treated, and given a freshwater bath immediately upon arrival. We hope that over time, she will recover from her injuries and buoyancy syndrome, so that we can release her back into the ocean!

Conna stranded Hawksbill turtle Maldives
Conna stranded Hawksbill turtle Maldives
Conna stranded Hawksbill turtle Maldives


10 March 2020

Despite our daily treatments and special attention, sadly Donatelo passed away today. She suffered from a deep crack on the shell and a cloacal infection, which likely led to internal infection and septic shock.

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