Copepod Rescue Turtle

Green turtle hatchling (CM.N028.112), 27-Jul-16, Dusit Thani (Baa Atoll), Maldives


Hatch date: 27/07/16 at Dusit Thani, Baa Atoll, Maldives

Weight / length: 21g / 4.7cm (admission); 174g / 10.0cm (Nov-16); 425g / 13.6cm (Feb-17); 1037g / 18.5cm (May-17).

February 2017

Like his name suggests, Copepod arrived as one of the smallest hatchlings we have ever received at Marine Savers. As a result, we knew he was going to be the runt of the group, showing slow growth and development.

Copepod has now been in our care for 7 months, and is doing remarkably well, putting on 350g in weight since arrival, and growing to 13.2cm in shell length.

May 2017

Copepod sadly died on 16 May, after dislodging a protective filter and becoming lodged in the outflow pipe.

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