Club Med Hatchlings – August 

Green Turtle Hatchlings, CM.N032.120 to 123, hatched 28 August 2017, Club Med Finolhu, Maldives

120Mushu –    24g/5.1cm; 149g/9.7cm (Oct); 308g/12.3cm (Dec); 1.1kg/19.9cm (Mar); deceased 2 April.
121 – Olaf –     24g/5.1cm; 142g/9.5cm (Oct); 331g/12.9cm (Dec); 1.3kg/20.4cm (Mar); released
122 – Caroline – 25g/5.1cm; 154g/9.6cm (Oct); 422g/12.5cm (Dec); 1.1kg/19.3cm (Mar); released
123 – Leonardo – 25g/5.1cm; 167g/9.7cm (Oct); 428g/12.5cm (Dec); 1.2kg/19.9cm (Mar); released

These four newly hatched Green Turtles (CM.120-CM.123) were found at Club Med Finolhu and admitted into our hatchling Head Start programme at Kuda Huraa. They will be eligible for release after 11-12 months, once they reach the target size of 30cm in shell length and 4kg in weight.

Head Start Green turtle hatchlings - CM nest (6137)

October 2017

These hatchlings are very active and growing up quickly. They are all diving for fish and lobster (their favourite). If they are not eating they spend their day playing or sleeping!

Mushu is very active, moving around the basket and keeping himself distracted.
Olaf is very active, swimming around his basket and sharing some time with Mushu.
Caroline is an active hatchling that keeps swimming around the basket, being very curious and exploring her surroundings.
Leonardo is very active with his siblings.

December 2017

These hatchlings are growing every week; they are gaining weight and size. They spend their days playing with each other and having naps at the bottom of the pool.

April 2018

Sadly, Mushu was found unresponsive in his pool on 2 April 2018; he appeared to have dislodged a protective filter and become lodged in the outflow pipe.
Olaf, Caroline and Leo are getting bigger and stronger, spending their days playing, eating and resting at the bottom of the pool. These siblings are active all day long, always looking for something new to do. We are adding more enrichment to their pools to keep them active and distracted.

August 2018 – Release Day !

On 8 August, we released Olaf and Leonardo after a total of 10 months at our Centre. Once in the water, it took them a short time to figure out where to go, but they soon oriented themselves and swam out to sea.

And on 9 August, we released Caroline and Deeko. After a few attempts at swimming against the current, they swam out of the shallow lagoon and headed off into the blue. Bon voyage, little ones. 🙂

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Turtle weight graph August 2018