Cleo Rescue Turtle

Hawksbill turtle (RB.EI.038), admitted 13 February 2020, Como, Baa Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: 4.8kg / 36.5cm (on admission);


Cleo was found floating on the ocean surface close to Como Cocoa resort, and was initially unresponsive to touch. She did not present any obvious injuries, but was lethargic and dehydrated, so she was sent to us on 13 February for rehabilitation at our turtle rescue centre.

On admission, Cleo didn’t present any injuries, so we would look like to take x-rays to better diagnose her condition (she may have something stuck in her throat).

Cleo is currently under close observation and antibiotics, and we are hoping for a rapid recovery.

Conna stranded Hawksbill turtle Maldives

Updates April 2020

27 April … Release Day!

After a tough start that involved tube feeding, Cleo slowly started to regain her strength and become more active.

She was transferred to a larger recovery pool, and soon started to dive again below the water surface, where she was able to stay submerged and rest easily on the bottom. Once her energy and activity levels returned to normal, she was ready for release.

On 27 April, Cleo was successfully released from our turtle rescue centre. Good luck, little one! 💚


Cleo Hawksbill turtle released into ocean Maldives