Cancri Rescue Turtle

female Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.220), admitted 26 March 2021, Landaa Giraavaru, Baa Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: 19.2kg / 51.7cm (on admittance);


Cancri, a juvenile female Olive Ridley sea turtle, was spotted entangled in a ghost net (discarded fishing gear) here at Landaa Giraavaru, and was luckily rescued by a resort guest.
She was admitted to our turtle rescue centre with a missing left back flipper (likely from a previous entanglement) and with a fresh, deep laceration to her front left flipper, which is very swollen due to constriction from the net.

Cancri is on a course of antibiotics to prevent infection of the wound, and will receive daily treatments. Despite the swelling, she is starting to use her flipper to propel around the pool; she’s able to dive and has a very healthy appetite, so we are hoping she’ll make a full recovery and return to the ocean where she belongs!

Cancri rescue turtle rehabilitation centre Maldives
Cancri rescue turtle rehabilitation centre Maldives
Cancri rescue turtle rehabilitation centre Maldives

April 2021 Updates

Cancri is still receiving antibiotic treatment and wound care regularly. The swelling on her left front flipper (LFF) has reduced from 29cm to 22cm diameter, and her wounds are healing.
She’s now using both front flippers to swim up and down her pool, and she’s very active. Since she can dive and rest at the bottom of the tank, she will be released as soon as her wounds heal completely.

May 2021 Updates

Cancri finished her antibiotic treatment, and is still getting wound care regularly. Her flipper wounds are healing, the swelling has improved, and now the 2 front flippers are the same diameter. 

16 June 2021 … World Sea Turtle Day

The perfect time to mark World Sea Turtle Day … by releasing Cancri back into the ocean where she belongs! 💚

Cancri’s wound healed quickly; she had a healthy appetite and was active from day 1, exploring all corners of her recovery pool.

She was successfully released from the beach on 16 June, and waved a <<Bon Voyage>> by an enthusiastic group of guests. 

CANCRI sea turtle rehabilitation release Maldives
CANCRI sea turtle rehabilitation release Maldives
World Sea Turtle Day 2021 Maldives

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