Boomer Rescue Turtle

Boomer (RB.EI.016), rescue Hawksbill turtle, 3 October 2016, Bodu Huraa


A juvenile hawksbill turtle ‘Boomer’ was admitted after being found floating on the sunrise side of Bodu Huraa by Four Season staff. Boomer was originally brought to our Centre late on 3 October, and after a night of observation it was determined the turtle was healthy enough to be released as the turtle was a normal weight without injuries or wounds; active and alert, with normal diving capabilities and buoyancy.

After release, Boomer was seen in the same area as originally found floating the following day. As the turtle was seen a third time on the 7 October, Boomer was returned to the Centre for additional observation and officially admitted. It is currently unknown why Boomer was found floating on three occasions in the same location at the same time of night (around 10pm local time) as the turtle is healthy in all respects.

After two weeks of care and observation, Boomer was successfully released on 27 October in the Kuda Huraa channel with Kids Club.