Boo Rescue Turtle

juvenile Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.111), admitted 04-May-17, safari boat, Maldives


Weight: 6.8kg (admission);
Length: 41.1cm (admission);

Boo was found by crew members from a cruising live aboard who spotted a mass of marine debris floating on the ocean surface. Upon further inspection, they found Boo along with two other turtles entangled in the heavy net. Thankfully, one individual was able to be released on site, however Boo and Luc were not as lucky.

The crew did fantastic work to extract them from their net and care for them while in transit to our Kuda Huraa facility. Once admitted, these two new patients were placed in fresh water baths overnight to help rehdrate them.

Boo is certainly the weaker of the two, likely being trapped in the net for many weeks. As a result, this sweet-natured juvenile suffered abrasions on all four flippers and most of her carapace, leaving her with pale-coloured patches.
We administered fluid therapy to give her some strength, and treated her wounds with antibiotic cream and raw honey to start the healing process. We will be watching Boo’s condition closely to ensure she does not weaken while in her recovery pool. She will remain at our centre until her lacerations have healed and she has gained enough weight to reach a healthy level for her size.

Sadly, Boo died from her injuries shortly after admittance.

Boo - sea turtle conservation Maldives Marine Savers
Boo - sea turtle conservation Maldives Marine Savers
Boo - sea turtle conservation Maldives Marine Savers

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