Bodu Huraa Hatchlings Rescue Turtle

Green Turtle Hatchlings, CM.N033.124 to 125, hatched October 2017, Bodu Huraa, Maldives

124 – Deeko – 85g / 7.6cm (admission); 272g / 11.3cm (Dec); 1.2kg / 19.0cm (Mar); RELEASED. 125 – Naiko – 94g / 8.3cm (admission); 300g / 11.9cm (Dec); 1.3kg / 19.9cm (Mar);   These small Green Turtle hatchlings were found on the beach at Buda Huraa after a stormy night. Tired from struggling with the sea currents, they were brought to us on 22 October and admitted into our Head Start Programme, where we will grow them on to the target 30cm length before release.

Deeko Green Turtle hatchling Marine Savers Maldives


Naiko Green Turtle hatchling Marine Savers Maldives


December 2017 After overcoming eye infections, these cute hatchlings are back in their pool, spending time swimming and following each other around, diving after food and having long naps on the surface. March 2018 These two siblings are active all day long, always hungry and looking for attention. Healthy, getting stronger and growing every day.
Deeko sea turtle centre Marine Savers Maldives


Naiko sea turtle centre Marine Savers Maldives


August 2018 On 9 August, we released Deeko (and Caroline). After a few attempts at swimming against the current, they swam out of the shallow lagoon and headed off into the blue. Bon voyage, little ones. 🙂
Deeko 2 (2) sea turtle centre Marine Savers Maldives
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5 September 2018 – Naiko’s Release Day ! We released Naiko back into the ocean today, having grown to 32.6cm in length 2.2kg in weight.
Turtle growth graph [CM124-5] Marine Savers Maldives
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Turtle growth graph [CM124-5] Marine Savers Maldives

Turtle Growth graph – increase in weight (grams) over time

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