BeeRescue Turtle

juvenile turtle (xx.xx.XXX), admitted 1 January 2024, Malé Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: 0.232kg / 16.6cm (on admittance)

Bee is probably in her first year of life and was found entangled around the neck and flipper in our lagoon at Kuda Huraa. Special thanks to Mintu from the Launch department for rescuing her.

She has ligature wounds, algae on the carapace, leeches, and was underweight. After a few days of treatment with fluids, antibiotics, and a laxative, she started to pass plastic debris and small pieces of wood in her faeces.

Bee has been recovering well and is now active, diving, resting on the bottom, eating well (especially shrimp), has gained an impressive 259g in weight, and hasn’t defecated anthropogenic debris in a few days.

BEE turtle rescue & rehab Maldives
BEE rescue juvenile Olive Ridley turtle Maldives

February Updates

Bee has shown great improvement, and has become an excellent diver, resting on the bottom of the tank. She is eating well, has gained 119g, and hasn’t defecated plastic this month. X-ray images showed that she no longer has debris in her intestinal tract.

12 March … Release Day !

Bee went through a great ordeal in the past months, from entanglement to plastic ingestion. After two months of rehabilitation
she was deemed healthy to be released.