Barney Rescue Turtle

(RB.CM.004) Juvenile Green turtle, found 21 April 2015, Villingili (Addu Atoll)


Turtle name: Barney

Admission date: 21/04/2015

Location: Villingili, Addu Atoll, Maldives

Admission note: Barney, a juvenile Green turtle, had been found stranded and lethargic on Villingili beach. He arrived at our Centre weighing 4.0kg and had a carapace length (CCL) of 37.6 cm. He was underweight and covered in algae and barnacles, which resulted in some damage on his carapace.
Barney was unable to raise his head, so we kept him in shallow water to prevent drowning.
He was being given antibiotics, received iodine baths to remove epibionts, and given fluids to maintain hydration, but had no appetite.

Updates: 03/05/2015 – sadly died

Rescue Green Turtle - Barney