Amilla Fushi Hatchlings Rescue Turtle

Green Sea Turtle Hatchlings, CM.N030.115 to 117, hatched ~09 April 2017, Amilla Fushi, Baa Atoll, Maldives

Weight: 20 – 22g (admission); 96 – 104g (May-17);
Length: 4.9 – 5.0cm (admission); 7.6 – 8.1cm (May-17);

These three tiny Green sea turtles were rescued from the plant roots at the bottom of their nest. All three individuals are suffering from small body deformities and problems with their flippers, as well as skin and eye infections. They were immediately treated to iodine baths and anti-fungal cream for their skin conditions.

Despite their small size and weakened state, these three are slowly becoming very active in our recovery pools. We hope they will start to settle in and become more interested in meal times. As part of our our Head Start programme, these hatchlings will be eligible for release after 11-12 months, once they reach 30cm in shell length and a target weight of 4kg.

April 2017
Our ‘Amilla Fushi Hatchlings’ now have names: CM.115 Martin; CM.116 Rosa; CM.117 Hawwa (‘Eve’ in Dhivehi)
All 3 hatchlings were admitted in weak condition, with slight shell defects and skin/eye infections; Hawwa also had difficulty using the right front flipper. Following treatment at our Centre, the infections have now cleared and they are all becoming more active.

May 2017
Hawwa has overcome all problems and is now growing fast, with a big appetite and confident diving behaviour.
Martin and Rosa quickly recovered, and are now healthy and growing quickly. They have no problems diving and feeding, but are being treated for an eye infection (end of May).

June – July 2017
Despite initial indications that Hawwa was going to have a smooth journey at our facility, it soon became clear that his body condition was very weak. In the last few weeks he had become very inconsistent in his feeding and was unable to gain substantial weight. Hawwa sadly died on 4 July 2017.

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August – September 2017
Martin is very active in his pool. He presented an eye infection in both eyes; the left one is non-responsive but shows nerve reaction.
Rosa is growing well and is very active in her pool but also suffers with a recurring eye infection.

11 November 2017
Sadly, Martin was found floating and unresponsive in his pool this morning, having died from unknown causes.

December 2017
Against the odds, Rosa is growing and getting stronger (829g/18.0cm). She has a great personality, and when she is not playing with her ‘enrichment toys’ she is spending the day sleeping at the bottom of the pool.

March 2018
Rosa (CM.N030.116) is in good health and continues to grow; she has now reached 2.4kg in weight and a length of 26.1cm. She is back in the pool with our hawksbills and Trooper where she spend her days resting next to Trooper or playing around the pool.

Rosa sea turtle centre Marine Savers Maldives

01 July 2018 – Release Day !

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