AleenaRescue Turtle

Aleena (RB.CM.026), juvenile male Green turtle, found 4 June 2016, Cannareef (Addu Atoll).

Aleena was underweight and had significant algal growth on the carapace, plastron and flipper, suggesting a prolonged period floating on the sea surface. He has a pronounced list (lean) to the right when put in the water, but was quite active on arrival at our centre.

Aleena had visible air build-up in the body cavity and a palpable intestinal blockage. He received ‘Reptile Ringer’ with calcium gluconate and antibiotics, and was tube-fed mineral oil with ‘Gas X’ and Metoclopramide to encourage digestive tract movement.

Sadly, Aleena died on 23 June. A necropsy revealed an extremely high amount of gas within the digestive tract and a blockage of natural food material in the lower colon.

Aleena - rescue green turtle, Marine Savers Maldives