AfaaRescue Turtle

juvenile Olive Ridley turtle (RB.LO.XXX), admitted 29 December 2023, Meemu Atoll, Maldives

Weight / Length: xx.xkg / xx.xcm (on admittance)

Afaa (juvenile Olive Ridley) – found entangled in a ghost net close to Madifushi Private Island (Meemu Atoll) on 29 December.

Upon admission to our Turtle Rescue Centre, it was clear that her back left flipper had been spontaneously amputated from the net entanglement; the contralateral limb exhibits fractures and tissue loss, and the front right flipper has a deep ligature wound.

Afaa is extremely lethargic, presenting short breathing amplitude and severe anaemia. She is dry-docked, receiving systemic antibiotics, wound treatment, B12/iron supplements, and nebulisation (mist inhalation). We are hoping she will pull through, despite her injuries.

AFAA rescue Olive Ridley turtle Maldives
AFAA stranded Olive Ridley turtle Maldives

January Updates

Following careful care and monitoring from our resident veterinarian, Afaa is making good progress.

After a period of intensive care with a combination of antibiotics, fluids, vitamins and force-feeding, she is now active, eating by herself,, swimming in the tank, and even occasionally resting on the bottom. Her wounds are also getting better; the front right flipper with a deep ligature wound is healing well, the range of movement in the back left flipper is slowly improving each day, and exposed bones (tibia and fibula) in the contralateral flipper were amputated. As for the shell and carapace, there is no more bone exposure, so for a turtle deemed with reserved prognosis, she has come a long way in January! 💚 

AFAA turtle rescue & rehab Maldives
AFAA rescue Olive Ridley turtle Maldives

February Updates

Afaa has been less active this month. Her right humerus still has a fracture that impairs the full amplitude of the flipper, and she is still severely anemic. The hind flippers no longer have exposed bone and have been moving freely. The shell and carapace wounds are  all completely healed. Hopefully, in March there will be more improvements in Afaa’s health.


Afaa has made great progress this month, and has started to dive! She does, however, still spend the majority of the day on the water surface. To improve her diving skills, she has been fed every day at the bottom of her pool. Her hematocrit has improved since last month and is noticeably more active. The ligature wound on the right front flipper is almost completely healed.


Afaa has shown increased diving abilities, and now rests at the bottom of the tank for most of the day. The hematocrit has reached a plateau of improvement even with supplements; we will be exploring alternative treatments (due to drug availability). The ligature wound on the right front flipper is almost completely healed, but movement range of the limb still has to improve.


Afaa range of movement in the front right flipper has improved significantly this month. In addition, he has started new protocol for her anemia, receiving erythropoietin and vitamins. A PCV blood test measures the proportion of red blood cells in a blood sample, and Afaa’s PCV results have already improved, with a 2% increase!