Local Island Project – Kendhoo


[A]t the end of August 2013, our work colleague Munaadh (from Kuda Huraa launch section) contacted us to support a new turtle rearing project on his home island of Kendhoo (Baa Atoll). We were very pleased to hear of his initiatives and are very happy to support his future plans. We aim to train four of Munaadh’s colleagues in turtle rearing techniques through a week’s residential programme at Kuda Huraa followed by a trip to Landaa Giraavaru to learn all about our projects.

In return, the Kendhoo project will provide us with some excellent data on their nest monitoring and hatchling rearing programmes, including:

  • Numbers of hatchlings (new arrivals, releases, mortalities)
  • Monthly growth statistics (length and weight)
  • Feeding (types and quantity of food being given)
  • Health of the hatchlings (including photos of any sick turtles)
  • Treatments given (and medications used)
  • Location of all nests being monitored (name of the island, with exact GPS coordinates of the beach location)
  • Dates of nesting and hatching
  • Numbers of hatchlings per nest
Kendhoo turtle rearing project - cage construction

Kendhoo turtle rearing project – cage construction

Kendhoo turtle rearing project - cage in harbour

Completed cage floating in Kendhoo harbour

September Updates

[O]n 8 September we paid a visit to Kendhoo (Baa Atoll) to check on the progress of the new facility. We were impressed with the design and implementation, which is currently housing eight hatchlings, all one month old. The four local staff enjoyed their intensive training at Kuda Huraa (thanks Akram!) and are now back on Kendhoo, caring for the hatchlings. They are ensuring the turtles are fed an appropriate and varied diet and are regularly recording size and weight measurements to monitor growth and health. We will keep in close contact with the facility over the coming months and we are assisting them in establishing NGO status to be eligible for environmental grants to enable expansion of the facilities.

Kendhoo staff - training on Kuda Huraa

Kendhoo staff – training on Kuda Huraa

September visit to Kendhoo

September visit to Kendhoo

[T]he team have also set up a small coral frame project, modelled after the Seamarc design, and hope to increase the coral cover around the island (which is visited by Anantara Resort guests). The youth group of the island seems very concerned with environmental issues, and we are pleased to support their efforts in creating a better future for themselves.

Kendhoo - experimental coral frame by the youth team

Kendhoo – experimental coral frame by the youth team