Maldives Dolphin ID Project: 2022-2023

Check out the project page first, for a background of the types of dolphins (and other Cetacean species) sighted in the Maldives, and enjoy our updated diary entries and photos, below.

Dolphin Diary 2022


At Kuda Huraa this month, we recorded 448 Spinners during 13 guest excursions, swimming in pods of between 10 to 80 individuals, during encounters lasting an average of 40 minutes. From our ID photographs, we confirmed resightings of two known individuals. Our database now totals 247 uniquely identified Spinners (using 546 photographic sightings).

At Landaa, we sighted 691 Spinners during the eight dolphin trips this month, in encounters lasting between three to 45 minutes. Calves were sighted in most pods, and common behaviours included cruising, playing, jumping, and bow-riding. From our ID photographs, we confirmed 12 Spinner resightings, and added 11 new uniquely identifiable Spinners to our database.


At Kuda Huraa this month, we sighted 470 Spinner dolphins across 15 trips, in pods of 10 to 60 individuals, with encounters lasting an average of 38 minutes. One Spinner was positively identified as a resighting. Our current database totals 247 uniquely identified Spinner dolphin individuals (from 547 photos).

At Landaa, we recorded 430 Spinners and two Bottlenose dolphins, across six excursions in encounters lasting between three to 35 minutes. From our photographs, we were able to uniquely identify six new Spinners, and confirmed six resightings.


At Kuda Huraa, we had an impressive number of cetacean sightings across 15 excursions that included not only Spinners (470 individuals) and Bottlenose (35), but also Pilot Whales (52), False Killer Whales (100), and the rarely seen Risso’s Dolphins (6). On average, our encounters lasted 27 minutes, and dolphin calves were usually present.
From our ID photos, we confirmed one Spinner resighting.

At Landaa, we recorded 784 Spinners, two Bottlenose, and 20 Short-Finned Pilot Whales across 13 guest excursions, with encounter times averaging 22 minutes.
From our ID photos, we added two new individual Bottlenose plus nine Spinners to the database (and confirmed 11 Spinner resightings).

Dolphin ID project Spinners Maldives

Playful Spinners jumping in the waves

Dolphin ID project Spinner SL162

Resighting of Spinner #SL162 (Kuda Huraa, January 2022)

marine biology internship Maldives Matt (14) dolphins [1080]

Spinner dolphins are by far the most commonly sighted Cetacean species in the Maldives, and are always a delight to encounter

APRIL 2022


Bottlenose dolphins Maldives identification

Bottlenose dolphins at play

Bottlenose dolphin TT036 Maldives identification

Bottlenose dolphin TT036

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Bottlenose dolphins leaping in the waves

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