Acropora valida

Acropora valida (2) coral frame Reefscapers Maldives

Coral Description


Kingdom: Animalia >> Phylum: Cnidaria >> Class: Anthozoa >> Order: Scleractinia >> Family: Acroporidae


  • Various growth forms from bushes to tables
  • Usually <0.5m across

Colour: Cream, brown or yellow, sometimes brown/cream with purple tips.

Axial Corallites: Small

Radial Corallites:

  • Mixed sizes
  • Strongly appressed and swollen
  • Small openings

Similar species: Acropora cerealis and A. nasuta do not have strongly appressed radial corallites. A. nana has thinner branchlets and smaller less swollen radial corallites. A. variabilis also lacks swollen radial corallites.

Environment: Rocky foreshores and most reef environments

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