Acropora loripes

Acropora loripes (1) shallow reef Reefscapers Maldives

Coral Description


Kingdom: Animalia >> Phylum: Cnidaria >> Class: Anthozoa >> Order: Scleractinia >> Family: Acroporidae


  • Various growth forms from bushy to plating

Colour: Usually pale blue or brown with light tips

Axial Corallites:

  • Thick walls
  • Variable- tubular to spherical
  • Smooth and rounded

Radial Corallites:

  • Thick walls
  • Variable- tubular, spherical, pocket-like
  • Smooth and rounded

Similar species: Acropora rosaria has a more upright branching pattern, A. appressa has larger axial corallites, A. caroliniana and A. granulosa longer and more exsert axial corallites.

Distinctive trait:

When axial corallites are tubular, often one side of the branch will lack radial corallites (appears smooth) and the other side will have pocket-like radial corallites

Habitat: Found in many environments but particularly common on upper reef slopes

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