Acropora digitifera

Acropora digitifera - digitate colonies

Coral Description


Kingdom: Animalia >> Phylum: Cnidaria >> Class: Anthozoa >> Order: Scleractinia >> Family: Acroporidae

Appearance: Colonies are digitate. Branches are 1 cm in diameter up to 10cm long, cylindrical and slightly tapered branches. Sub-bran ching is possible.

Colony size: Colonies are generally 30 cm in diameter but can reach up to 1m.

Colour: Often light brown cream with pale to dark blue tips. Black spot can be found between corallites. Polyps are brown.

Axial Corallites: Blue, relatively small tubular corallites ranging from 2 to 4 mm.

Radial Corallites: About 1 mm in diameter, tubular to pocket shaped with sharp edge. Vary in size, flared lips, usually darker in colour, in rows.

Similar species: This species is easily recognisable thanks to its characteristics traits (Blue axial corallites and sub-branching).

Distinctive trait: Small and thin branches; tips are brightly coloured.

Environment: Shallow reef environment sheltered from strong currents or wave action.

Fluorescence: Strong fluorescence of green and yellow colour. At the base of the branch, the colour becomes more dark/red. Polyps fluoresce yellow.

Coral Frame example with Acropora digitiferaLG1092

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